Friday, August 23, 2019

The 2020 election will be stolen

"We won't beat Trump by blaming others and boasting about our own supposed virtue." "We liberals need self-criticism," Ioannis Gatsiounis, WSJ, Aug. 22.

I'm not so sure. I've been watching this virtue signaling (under various names) for 25-30 years, beginning when I was on the faculty   at OSU. Blame and self-righteousness goes a long way in politics. I've yet to hear one word about policy from the opposition that wasn't first built on hate for Trump, then charges of racism or misogyny. Even Jill Biden is campaigning for Joe on that.

  • Democrats have created a new race--"people of color" often applied to those of 100% European ancestry with a Spanish surname.
  • We've still got think tanks protected by their 501c3 status comparing the salaries of female part time day care workers with male electrical engineers and declaring a gender wage gap and then giving candidates talking points.
  • There isn't a shred of scientific evidence that men can become women, but the LGBTQ agenda has been able to undo Title IX and get backing from major corporation who are reluctant to fight back if profit is involved.
  • Words have become weaponized to create white supremacism where none exists.
  • No one is punished or brought up on hate crime charges for maligning or destroying the businesses of Americans whose ancestors came from Europe.

Democrats plan to steal the 2020 election--probably could save a lot of money in campaigning. And they will do it with the Constitution which allows states to figure out their own electoral votes. Usually Democrats don't like the Constitution when it comes to rights of the unborn, or 2nd amendment or religion, but they'll love it for stealing this election. Not only do Democrat controlled states have an advantage in non-citizen population (which determines the count for the House), but when they control the state, they control how the Electoral College will vote.

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