Thursday, August 01, 2019

Transgender woman is actually a man, plus he’s a crook

I was reading a front page article in yesterday's WSJ about the woman hacker of Capital One who attempted to destroy the security and income (and lives) of 100 million people, when on p. 6 I noticed her photo. "That's not a woman," I said to myself.  A male friend of mine (my assistant for several years) had the same facial features when he began taking hormones.  So by paragraph 11 there was one reference to his many personal and psychological problems casually noting, transgender. Why keep it so secretive? Putting on make up and women's clothing doesn't make him a woman, and it won't correct his mental problems.

Some people see Wall St. Journal as a "conservative" news source. It isn't. I don't know where it stands now, but in the past on news coverage, it was the most liberal of all daily newspapers. (topic, verbs, adjectives, idioms, slant, "expert" sources, etc.) Only the opinion page and editorial columns lean conservative. Burying the news is very common in liberal journalism. They couldn't possibly link this man's very troubled past, his sexuality and his crime without getting a huge uproar from the genderists.

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