Friday, January 21, 2022

Bountiful Goodness

I've requested through my public library, "Bountiful goodness" by Thomas a Kempis, a German priest and monk who died in 1471. Under copyright, so I'll just quote a few lines. It's a devotional, intended for meditation. Has a Matthew 25 feel--how to meet Jesus.

He who assists a brother in need holds Jesus by the hand.
He who patiently bears the burdens placed upon him carries Jesus crucified on his shoulders.
He who speaks consoling words to a saddened brother gives Jesus a tender kiss.
He who regrets another's fault and prays for his pardon washes and wipes Jesus' feet.
He who remakes an angry person into one of peace prepares a bed of flowers for Jesus in his soul.
He who at table places the best portion before his brother rather than himself places before Jesus a feast and a honeycomb of charity.

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