Monday, January 24, 2022

Robert Epstein talks with Joe Rogan about Big Tech

I'm listening to Dr. Robert Epstein on Joe Rogan's podcast. Remember, Rogan is the latest the Left is telling you to hate. He had the audacity to tell his audience (much bigger than CNN's) to use inexpensive therapeutics for the virus. Epstein is very outspoken on surveillance and manipulation--S and M in Geek talk. He says Google is the worst, and never use Android. Dump those listening devices like Alexa. Google’s search engine he says on another site is the most aggressive spying tool ever invented — funded from the outset by the NSA and the CIA to identify people who are a threat to national security. Google records every search you conduct, and your Google profile contains a complete history of every search you ever conducted — even those sketchy ones! Worse still, he says, Google’s search engine is also the most powerful mind control device ever devised; it shifts the opinions of millions of people around the world every day without them knowing it."

Anyway, on January 21 he was interviewed by Joe Rogan (he seemed to be everywhere in 2019 and 2020). He's a Democrat, never voted for Trump, but knows the elections are manipulated. Interesting listening about who/what is controlling us. He recommends as your browser to not leave a trace. Another article I read said he recommended (no tracking). I use Duck Duck Go, which Rogan prefers to Google because it doesn't push sites to the top so you don't look further.

However, Epstein says Duck Duck Go really doesn't crawl the internet, but looks at data bases. He prefers Brave. There are no laws or courts that can control Google according to Epstein. Google blocks access to millions of sites every day, and there are no laws or regulations to stop it. Few congress people understand--but Cruz totally understands. How do you fight something that has $150 Billion in cash, makes political contributions, and can manipulate elections?

Epstein says Windows 10 is a tracking tool; it's very hard to get around it. Surveillance is just soooo easy and so profitable. He brings up the last speech of President Eisenhower--the military industrial complex reference most remember. But what many have forgotten, he also warned of the rise of a technological elite that could control public policy without anyone knowing. And that was 1961! Those people are now in control, and Google is the most aggressive and dangerous. The Facebook model is to create dissension and chaos because it makes more money. YouTube research by his team finds 70% of the videos are suggested by their "up next" algorithm.

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