Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Democrats have their wish

Democrats wanted an alternative to mean tweets and the art of making deals. And they got their desire. They hated Trump's style and could never give a reason why strong border security and energy freedom were bad for Democracy. So, they elected an elderly "moderate" with Big Tech manipulation of the vote, mainstream media lies and a worldwide pandemic stoking fear.

So now we have ISIS resurgence in Syria after Trump practically wiped them out and new ground troops from U.S. stepping up to "advise." How'd that work out the last 3 decades? Then there's the pesky border civil war between Ukraine and Russia and 8500 U.S. troops on alert. Our friends and enemies around the world know how weakened by his advisors Biden is--they saw it in the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster. They see his inability to negotiate with Mexico or follow Trump's plan to stop the millions pouring over our own border. They know he's Obama 2.0 and they remember the red lines and lines in the shifting sand for 8 years. Add to this miserable record, the military leaders Biden has chosen for guidance are more concerned about woke soldiers than skilled and trained troops. How helpful is a Marxist social theory when the Russians and Ukrainians, two former Communist states, are the same race, culture and religion, and the Syrian fighters are all some version of Islam?

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