Saturday, January 01, 2022

Is Fauci really Dr. Evil?

I believe Fauci has led two presidents into great error, particularly Biden, but when the Wuhan virus was fresh in January 2020, he also misled Trump who was really na├»ve about the depth of the swamp. Fauci had retained his position after his awful record for HIV, so was really swampy. Fauci has so much power now, historians assuming the USA survives, will marvel that this Rasputin was able to lead so many to their deaths with just a fragile mask mandate and never ending flip flopping. Although Biden and many governors (even Ohio’s) call for mandates which have ruined the economy and caused many deaths, in this Covid thing he’s really the puppet of Fauci. Saying he had a solution as a candidate was probably just the usual Democrat Biden lying—he’d done it all his career so it’s not just senility like some believe.

I was researching masks as soon as they were recommended/demanded and causing fights in retail stores and airplanes, and I know there was no peer-reviewed research on this--no masks, cloth, bandana, N95 or those pink, blue, or black things spun from polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester can protect from SARS-2 and they only filter dust and large particles. 90-100 million a month are produced—mainly in China (big surprise?) Masks were originally intended to protect the health care workers, and I suspect that hasn’t changed—that’s why I wear them in crowds—to protect me. Plus, I suspect we’re breathing in particles from masks made of fossil fuel products and our lungs won’t be happy later on (the classes of the 1950s won’t live to see it).

“It is difficult to keep up with the ever-mutating scientific consensus on masks. In the early days of the pandemic, White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci told the public not to bother with them before abruptly adopting a wear-a-mask-any-mask stance. After vaccines became widely available last winter and spring, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the vaccinated no longer needed to wear them, and then reversed course after determining that the delta variant was much more contagious than the original strain. And the CDC's support for mask mandates in schools rests upon a study that has now been substantially debunked.

Enter Leana Wen, a medical analyst for CNN and former president of Planned Parenthood. Wen is one of cable news' most vigorous supporters of coercive COVID-19 measures: She previously suggested that the government should prohibit unvaccinated people from traveling (and, perhaps, from leaving their homes at all). During a CNN appearance on Monday, Wen made the provocative statement that the commonly used cloth masks are essentially useless at preventing the spread of the omicron variant.

"Don't wear a cloth mask," she said. "Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There's no place for them in light of omicron."

Huh? As Townhall's Spencer Brown points out, Wen's view of the science contradicts the guidance from the White House and the CDC, which holds that cloth masks are good enough. In fact, the CDC has specifically instructed people not to wear N95 masks.

Wen is a supporter of mandates, so perhaps she thinks the higher quality masks should be required in some settings. Yet if she's right, it means the masks that the overwhelming majority of people are wearing in order to comply with mandates—in public schools, on public transportation, in many workplaces, gyms, and even social settings—aren't doing any good. They represent another element of pandemic hygiene theater: a public health requirement that makes people feel safer without offering them much actual protection.”
CNN's Leana Wen: 'Cloth Masks Are Little More Than Facial Decorations' (

Yes, it’s all about feeling safe. It’s the Democrat party go to—feelings instead of facts. That’s why on the news in 2020 we heard about deaths instead of cases and now we’re hearing only cases and not deaths. They are afraid someone knows math and might figure infection rate.

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