Saturday, January 01, 2022

Happy New Year, why is the ceiling leaking?

 Finding a leak on New Year's Day is never good.  Finding any repairman 30 years ago was expensive on a holiday, and today in 2022, it's probably impossible to get anyone but an answering service. So, when my husband called up from his man cave and said the bathroom ceiling had a leak, I thought I knew the source.  The kitchen sink has a spray alternate inside the faucet.  I suspect that's not a good design.  Lately I'd noticed that the pull-out spray feature had a funny leak--it was spraying where it shouldn't.  And I'd notice some water gathering about the base of the faucet that shouldn't be there.  So, we began dragging everything out from under the sink. I began loading a bag with bottles of useless stuff or things damaged by water.   We found standing water.  "Quick.  Get me some old towels.  They are in the thingy next to the washer." I barked.   He rushed downstairs but didn't return.  When I went to investigate, he was in the bathroom with a towel and bucket.  My bad.  He didn't know what a thingy was.  So, I grabbed about four old towels and went back to the kitchen to mop up the water. I showed him my leaky spray and told him I was going to call Rod's Pretty Good Handyman service tomorrow.  Meanwhile, he figured out if we placed the pull-out feature in the sink and left it there, the water wouldn't run down the fixture into the cabinet.  Meanwhile, he got ahold of Rod, and he's coming tomorrow afternoon.

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