Friday, January 28, 2022

What's going on in Kazakhstan?

I was watching Israeli TV this morning while cycling in place (my office). They are loving the snow in Jerusalem--a new event for many. Wait until it's dirty and slushy--they won't be so thrilled--all the drivers looked like they learned how to drive in snow in Columbus, Ohio.

Also, I watched the Arabic French special feature discussing the latest threat to world peace in Kazakhstan. Thirty years of the USSR boot off their necks and they are unhappy with the free market. Seems there are too many rich people. We don't see a lot about Kazakhstan on our TV channels. Their elderly (my generation born and raised in the 1940s and 50s) are as mind-warped as our college students. They want the old USSR style communism back so they can have their pensions. Nostalgia instead of fantasies about socialist equity.
One thing doesn't change from nation to nation, from riot to lockdowns. The academics and the journalists are there to stir things up and go on TV to talk about "our values" and "risks." A brand-new capital without charm or history is being built outside the old one. But the man they named it for has already fallen from grace, so there will be a name change (it's the socialist way). They seem to be leaning toward an OK for Putin to interfere. One thing missing is all the woke nonsense we have on every channel and every ad--they are all white, educated, well-off and Muslim. Still, there are lots of men running around in the streets throwing things. Could pass for Portland.

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