Saturday, April 01, 2006

2340 Cleaning out the audio dust bunnies

I'm not one to download much music. But I did go to the library and check out "The Very Best of Buck Owens, vol. 1" last week. I popped it in the old machine and poked around trying to figure things out and I did it! Of course, it was in a folder inside a folder inside a file and nothing was identified. As I struggled through that snarl and keyed in the titles I noticed an awful lot of "crap" in "My Music" folder. So I started looking around. Virtually every audio sound bite or video piece I've looked at was sitting there in a file. For instance, has a little audio whereby you can listen to how a word is pronounced. Boy, are those funny to listen to out of context when you don't know what you're getting. Some of the clips must be from advertisers that snuck a cookie for audio/video in there when I wasn't watching or my blocker was taking a snooze. So FlyLadies, after you've flung your 50 today, peek inside your audio file. You might be surprised.
What's in your music file?

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