Sunday, April 02, 2006

2344 Today's poem

is a record, even for me. 90 seconds. It is posted at my coffee blog. Sure, I know what you're thinking. Maybe she should take more time and write a better poem, but what's the fun in that?

Sometimes I suspect there are poets working in ad agencies or for electrical engineering journals just to pay the rent. They toil all day trying to make the words sound just right, with music and rhythm, and so falling short on their work quota. Sort of like Monk (TV detective who has OC disorder) seeking to straighten a sign or adjust a necktie. Just look at this advertisement for a cardiologist. Don't you see a frustrated poet between the lines? If you don't, then think about someone who knows little English reading it aloud, believing it is a poem. The Greeks thought poetry came from a Muse, but why not the pages of the New England Journal of Medicine?


The largest hospital in Pennsylvania
is seeking cardiologists
to join a network owned
full service, cardiology
group practice.

We will consider all
cardiac sub-specialties
and have a strong interest
in recruiting
for our heart failure
non-invasive, interventional
CT, angio, peripheral vascular,
women's cardiac,
prevention and electrophysiology

We offer a generous
salary plus bonus,
paid malpractice,
paid health insurance
for self and family,
seven weeks vacation,
and more!

Who wouldn't find that inspiring? Especially moving was the paid insurance and seven weeks vacation.

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