Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2369 Photos of illegals demonstrating for rights they don't have and don't deserve

Bridges to nowhere. Gender politics. Pork Barrel Polkas. Deranged fringe elements of both parties. Killing the unborn legally with impunity. Really, I thought I'd seen every disaster our Congress could move out of committee, but this immigration thing takes the cake, doesn't it? And it's not immigration. That's what you do when it is legal.

Today I asked the Pakistani clerk at the grocery store and the Ghanian clerk at the department store, both of whom are here legally, have become citizens, and have relatives back home waiting on quotas, what they thought of this. "United States of Mexico" said the one; the other just rolled her eyes.

I am first and most mad at our do nothing Congress who can think no further than the next election. And then the President. What idiots. How can we fight insurgents in Iraq when we can't even keep out 11,000,000 "labor insurgents" in our own country? What must our brave service men and women be thinking? Particularly those who have shortened their residency requirements to become citizens by joining up to defend and protect us. Now they're being asked to defend a group large enough to be a 51st state who are illegal aliens?

Secondly, I'm angry at the American businesses who would employ these people because they are cheap and will work without benefits. It's like prostitution. It doesn't exist if only one group participates.

Third, I'm angry at the socialist/communist/progressive coalition who is gleefully rubbing their hands together, organizing "spontaneous" demonstrations and illegally registering these people to vote so they can tie up our next election in law suits. I heard them recruiting on a local call in radio show Saturday. The guy was so excited I thought he'd wet himself.

Fourth, I'm disappointed that the Democrats don't even see that #3 is stealing their party right out from under them.

Fifth, I'm furious at the Republicans because in a tight situation when leadership is called for they can only dither, wring their hands, wimp out, wet a finger and see if the wind is blowing their way.

Sixth, the border states' governments can't be absolved of responsibility. These millions of illegals didn't show up last year, or even the last decade. On a local radio show I heard a man who formerly worked in Arizona say illegals were given one-way bus tickets to northern states, which might explain why all our Ohio construction firms, landscape crews and restaurant kitchens speak only Spanish. So why a ticket north? It's too expensive (involving the INS, housing them, retaining them, food and medical care, to keep them in the border states until they can be returned to Mexico).

Seventh, our schools aren't doing such a hot job if these people don't know their history or ours and think our border states were once are part of Mexico. (Spain maybe, but never just a blip in time, Mexico.)

Eighth, I think it stinks that there are a lot of Americans who want a permanent underclass of maids to clean toilets and Pedros to pick tomatoes so they can vote Democratic in hopes of getting perks.

Ninth, the Mexican government and Mexico's wealthy, light-skinned, European power class can be blamed for not wanting to create wealth for their own darker skinned, mixed race poor. This mess could be resolved on the other side of the border through a few political improvements (maybe we could send them a Kennedy/Pelosi dog and pony show?)

Tenth, schools and businesses that have given their students and employees a pass to participate should be ashamed and don't deserve their position of responsibilty. The school administrators should be put on leave or fired; the businesses should be boycotted. They are stealing the American dream right out from under the very people they think they are helping.


Deadman said...

"Secondly, I'm angry at the American businesses who would employ these people because they are cheap and will work without benefits. It's like prostitution. It doesn't exist if only one group participates."

Be angry at the people who want sdubstandard work because it costs less. If it weren't for the fact that few want to pay a decent wage for quality work, there would be no market for illegal help. It's a two-way street. I see it daily in my business in Northern California.

"Eighth, I think it stinks that there are a lot of Americans who want a permanent underclass of maids to clean toilets and Pedros to pick tomatoes so they can vote Democratic in hopes of getting perks."

Republicans are no more inclined to pay a decent wage for these jobs than Democrats. It's the result of cheap fuckers wanting more for less and they belong to all political parties and in some cases, none.

There may well come a day soon when we see a major resurgence in the popularity of unions.

Norma said...

The unions are part of the problem--the are recruiting them--the illegals who are already here. And as long as they are willing to stay at the bottom and not try to grab the power, I'm sure their dues will be welcomed.

Deadman said...

EVERYONE is part of this problem, Norma. As long as we all want cheap and shoddy labor and goods and are willing to settle for same in order to increase our bottom line, there will be a problem with illegal inmmigration. In my experience, greed crosses all party lines, that was my point. I ghardly think Republicans are immune to that. Quite the contrary. Nerither are Dems or Greens.* And the union as an entity 100 years ago was a necessary reaction to unbridled greed and social injustice, something we are seeing again.


Joan said...

Well-said, Norma. I intend to link here -- hoping to add a few more readers to this good post.

Norma said...

"We're all part of the problem" is a cop out Mark. I've listed 10, now it is your turn. I don't know about you, but I dont' go into the kitchens of restaurants and ask for green cards, nor to OSU and ask if their landscapers (all Mexican in the lower ranks) are legal workers.

doyle said...

[Doyle smacks Mark on the butt with a rolled up newspaper. Or the Guide to Periodicals. Mind your manners here, fella. No cussin', or Norma might start using the Dewey Decimal System on you and it won't be pretty.]

Toss the "party" and "union" stuff. Both of you, okay?

The politicians are divided and so are the unions, all of 'em standing firmly on . . . uh, whatever is best for THEM only.

You are BOTH on the same side of the issue and don't even realize it.

Please don't make me speak to you two again.


Anonymous said...

Mark, I don't think you can say anyone "wants" substandard anything but you are quite right on the "cheap" aspect. It's the two extremes of human nature . . . "Give me high wages and low prices."

Now, on the subject of "a decent wage." What exactly is "a decent wage?" A road construction crew in my area was on strike last week because their employer wanted them to pay a bigger share of their medical plan. One guy interviewed said, "Man, we only make $30/hour! How am I going to put food on the table for my family??"

And we wonder why our work is going overseas and people flock here to work.

I think one of the reasons that the mini storage business is doing so well is because we have so much we are running out of room in our houses and garages!

Norma, I love your site here. Been a few years since I've seen you. I'd be tempted to start a blog myself but Mrs. Price would look dimly on any attempt I made at writing. :>)

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting the way borders convince us that certain people do not deserve certain rights.