Saturday, April 08, 2006

2362 The DaVinci Clubbers

Stacey makes some good points at her blog about all the nonsense floating around like the DaVinci Code book and movie and the lengths people will go to try to disprove the resurrection. Just be prepared to turn down her music when you arrive there. (She must be young.)

"If these men truly don't believe that Jesus is God's son and died on the cross for our salvation, then why are they spending so much time/money/energy trying to disprove it? I don't believe in Santa Claus, but you don't see me doing extensive research and wasting countless hours trying to disprove his existence.
They are just making it all so complicated when the truth is simple: you can either accept Jesus as your saviour and spend eternity in heaven with Him, or reject Him and suffer the consequences." You go girl.

My friend Peggy who is a strong, well-informed Christian who reads a lot, read the DaVinci Code, found it interesting, exciting fiction, although plodding and not particularly well-written. Well educated, devout Christians like her know it is pure fiction; it's the weak and the Chreasters (attend on Christmas and Easter) I worry about--like my kids. They won't get my money at the box office, not even when it comes to the 50 cent night at our local has-been theater. Like any product of questionable honesty, if you buy it, you have voted for it.


Jane said...

I agree. The well informed, strong Christian can tell the difference between fact and fiction. In the last church my husband served he had to take the "Left Behind" series out of the church library because too many people were taking these books as gospel. They are based on scripture but they are NOT scripture. There is a difference, an important difference. The same is true of "The DaVinci Code". There are facts in the book but it is a fictional book. My husband read it and found it entertaining but not sound theological. Christians have to be so careful.

stacey said...

Hi Norma, thanks for visiting my blog. I was also having trouble posting comments the other day. I think Blogger was acting up, but your comment is now showing up.
I'm off to read your TT and I'll go link you up.