Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2351 Church photo directory time

If this subject line attracted you because you want to make a church photo directory, I apologize. This is being written by a woman in tears who can't find anything to wear to have her photo taken at 4:50 this afternoon. Our church is large--about 5,000 members, I think. I'm assisting on three different days at one of our 3 locations. That's a piece of cake. What I can't do is find anything to wear to have a simple directory photo taken. The last one was around 1998. I got it out and looked at it. My husband wore a navy suit coat, white shirt, maroon tie and I had on a maroon turtle neck sweater (I probably still have it). I change my hair style about every 18 months, but it is back to what it was in 1998.

So here it is April. Do I want to wear a winter sweater? No. Should my husband wear a suit? No. Will anyone care? No.

OK. Winter sweater, olive green to go with my husband's pale taupe/green windowpane dress shirt.

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Anonymous said...

The last time I went to church was Christmas Eve (a tradition for the family) and Icouldn't concentrate with all the noise from children running around and people talking through the sermon... It was like all the respect had left the building and people were there just for the socialising.
And even though it was a special service, the congregation looked like they were dressed more for a picnic or a walk in the hills than anything else.
I go to church to connect with the spriritual part of myself, and the chosing or an outfit for this takes me time... (usually end up with a variation on a skirt-suit).
I was in a church choir for 13 years (left due to move) and hope to join another soon.