Tuesday, April 04, 2006

2352 Speaking of photos, what's up with Cynthia McKinney?

She's asked by the police for her badge which is supposed to be worn (so they can by-pass the metal detectors), she attacks him after refusing to stop, and now she's crying racism? I may have been one of the early ones to report that she had attacked a capitol policeman, but I was writing about leaks to the press, not idiot behavior by people who think they are above the rules. I'm not up on my southern pols, so I didn't even know my example was an African American.

Sean Hackbarth gets a bit catty after seeing her hair on the video: "Call me superficial but I would have arrested Rep. Cynthia McKinney for that awful hairdo. Homeless chic isn't hip even in Washington, D.C., a beggar's paradise.

And don't get me started about her wild eyes. A mugger confronting her in a dark alley would run away screaming."

I watched the video. It is probably not one of her better performances. Or hair days.

Captain Ed brings us all back to the national security agenda of the Democrats: "I just need to make sure we have this correct. The new Democratic effort on national security, therefore, is to defy identification procedures, ignore common-sense safeguards, pretend not to hear warnings, and then assault the people protecting us. Gee, I don't know ... sounds like the old Democratic program on security to me."

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