Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2395 What puzzles us

is that any thinking person believes The Gospel of Judas is somehow going to rattle our faith. And of course, The DaVinci Code is leading the parade softening them up. Christianity Today author Darrel Bock writes:

"This is a time that tries many a believer's soul. Works are coming out like rounds from a machine gun. But none of the guns fired so far are the "smoking gun." They are more like pop guns, creating a lot of noise but no damage."

He did, however, find one redeeming quality in the book. Read about it here.

Saturday of Easter week-end, the holiest season for Christians around the world, one of the morning news shows--either CBS or NBC* (doesn't really matter since they are Tweedle Dum and Dummer)--had that theological giant, an editor from Newsweek, tell us the significance of Jesus. It was almost too comical to be insulted and outraged.

*My kitchen TV isn't connected to cable and the reception is so poor I can hear voices but not tell faces.

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