Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2370 Gas Prices in Ohio

If I've heard one report today on gas prices, I've heard five. But I was also printing out my blog--I'm a bit behind, so I was doing October. Lookee here. October 14, 2005. The reasons we filled up that night in Oregon, was that prices had dropped considerably, and we thought we'd better grab it before they went back up. Right now it's about $2.65 here in Columbus.

"We filled up Wednesday evening in Oregon, Il at $2.79/gal and by the time we got to Columbus, it was $2.59. Also we got 27 mpg in my mini-van due to the better roads we have now. One of the Chicago radio stations was telling us to get better gas mileage by reducing our speed to 55 mph, but the limit for cars in Illinois and Indiana interstates is 70 (65 in Ohio), and I really doubt that we'd do better than 27. I don't know what you're driving, but I'm pretty sure a 1965 sedan got about 10-12 mpg."


Anonymous said...

I live in Alaska. You'd think Gas prices would be cheap here but no, they have to refine it elsewhere and ship it back... makes no sense.. And now look at Ohio, ugh... Where is it cheap???

murrayT said...

The oil companies can come up with a different reason every day to account for high gasoline prices. What do you expect when we allowed all the mergers to take place. Now they are sayig the blending of ethanol will raise the price. That's strange since in the past the cheapest gasoline was always blended with ethanol! So... you might as well get used to it! 27 mph?? What are you driving a Metropolitan?