Monday, April 17, 2006

2389 Tagged by Cozy Reader and Ames

Six weird things about me is this meme. So here they are. Then the rules say I go to another six sites and say, "You've been tagged. Visit my blog."

1. I think I've done this one, but I blog so much I can't remember. But that's not so weird. I've started some memes, and no one wants to play. Isn't that weird?

2. I have another blog about my hobby, and I haven't found anyone else with this hobby. I think that's really weird because anyone could love this hobby.

3. After almost 50 years of not singing with a group, I joined the church choir. That's not what is weird. Well, OK. Just a little. No one has asked me to leave yet. . . now that's weird.

4. I like deli cole slaw and potato salad. After I buy it I almost double the quantity by adding ingredients I have at home (like apples or carrots or raisins for the slaw or potatoes and eggs for the potato salad), but that isn't weird. What is weird is that it doesn't even change the flavor. Do you suppose they use a tad too much salad dressing and spice?

5. Blonde librarian says you can tell Americans (in Germany) because they eat their French fries with their fingers and wear white athletic shoes. I don't care if anyone knows I'm an American, isn't that just too weird, and when we go to Helsinki and St. Petersburg I will be wearing white athletic shoes if I have to walk far. I also say "WARSHINGTON DC" and I don't intend to change it for the Finns or the Russians.

6. I have deliberately removed an entry from my blog that was drawing too many hits. Call it ping-inflation-pong if you wish, but I didn't like it. Isn't that weird when so many people add all sorts of doo-dads, banners, and wiggles to attract pings that mean nothing in terms of readership and I'm going the other way?

Here's a bonus: this is Cozy Reader's site, but if you are using IE, it will shut you down, so you'd best use Firefox.
Ames is here.


Dancing Boys Mom said...

You are not nearly as weird as Ames. :-D

As for the balance provided by us pro-lifers staying in the choice states, I was going to go there in the blog post but I couldn't formulate a coherent thought. I don't know why I try to blog on 3 hrs of sleep. haha. I'm glad you posted your comment so people would think about it. But, wouldn't it be nice to have the option? Honestly, though, I'd never leave SoCal, this is about the closest place to perfect (weather) there is.

I'll try to have my answers up by tomorrow. I just have to figure out how many weird things I really want to share with my seven readers. hmmmm....

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

As a native So Californian I echo your weather sentiments Miss T. I also miss the ocean, Trader Joe's, and my Belly Dance teacher Tonya. But its been more than 5 years since I left, and after living in rural sort of areas I wouldnt fit in any more.

There is a lot of truth to what you said not to mention adding stuff to store bought salads, I do that and I never thought of it as weird... or that it didnt change the flavor either! Funny that