Sunday, April 02, 2006

2343 How some European women helped Katrina victims

Sunday mornings between services I sit in the lounge and pull out my "knitting." The other ladies at the table at first wanted to admire, but then I told them I was just learning, and although it might look like a scarf in the making, I was only practicing. But I can dream can't I? I check in from time to time on all manner of talented women--scrapbookers, seamstresses, artists, cartoonists, knitters and embroiderers. Zoanna is one of the crafty women on the internet I admire. (I don't have a special link category, but I may have to create one.) She tells a wonderful story about Isabelle, a 24 year old French woman who mobilized other women in Europe to make Katrina kits. Here is Isabelle's tutorial from September 2005. She blogs in both French and English. If I had given up French wine, surely I'd be toasting her right now.

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