Saturday, April 01, 2006

2341 Upstairs Downstairs Redux

Thursday I checked out Season 2 of Upstairs Downstairs DVD from the library, returned it this morning and got Season 3. By Season 3 the story line has moved on about 10 years from the first show to 1912. I believe this is the episode (I'm watching now) where Mrs. Bellamy dies with the sinking of the Titanic. At least she's talking about going to America to see her daughter Elizabeth (written out of the story in Season 2). This series was filmed in England beginning in 1972 and ran about 5 years, appearing in the US after it was finished. We absolutely loved it, but my memory is fuzzy enough that every story-line is new now. But the music. I'd know that anywhere. There are some good pieces on the internet including audio interviews. The series was seen in 70 countries by about a billion people, and now with DVDs, millions more will be enjoying and re-enjoying it.

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