Sunday, April 09, 2006

2363 Palm Sunday

The choir sang two songs at two services this morning, with a small brass ensemble of 5 or 6. Much of this, like processing up the center aisle, or trying to sing with a trombone in the ear is new to me, but I'm still enjoying it. We're singing at three services on Easter and also at the Maundy Thursday service and the Good Friday evening service. The pastor's sermon this morning was on pride (we're doing a 7 deadly sins series), and he used the example of the donkey carrying the King. He was on jury duty this week and spent some of his waiting time rereading the account of the final week in all four gospels. He said the donkey appears in all of them, although some details aren't included in all four.

Then we drove to our son's home on the far southeast side of the metropolitan area for a birthday celebration for my husband. He fixed a fabulous bacon and cheese lasagne--I'd never heard of it, but everyone raved about it. He also baked the bread. I think the 5 of us ate the whole loaf, which was still warm. My daughter brought a tossed salad and I brought a rhubarb pie and a peanut butter-chocolate dessert. He loves to garden so I'm assuming the sauce was his home grown and canned.

Some neighbors stopped by trying to get him to take a puppy--a pit bull. They are cute, but not safe. That will make some of you mad because you have one and she's wonderful, great with kids, yada, yada. But my years in the vet library taught me otherwise. I would never risk having a German Shepherd, a Chow, a Pit Bull, a Doberman, a part wolf or some of those other aggressive, boistrous breeds around children or other dogs, my own or anyone else's. Not only would I not want to see a child or pet hurt, I wouldn't want the law suit. Youth and maleness are the main reason for dog bites: young human males owning young male dogs who bite younger male children. Mix that with an aggressive, possessive breed and you're in trouble.

It's not every day I can mix singing, lasagne and dogs into one post.

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Petersen said...

Love the new wallpaper.

I am with you regarding pit bulls and the like. In my neighborhood these dogs are also status symbols for drugs dealers.

I am glad you're getting used to Lutheranism with processions and brass.