Monday, April 03, 2006

2345 Condi--You go girl!

There's a story about Dr. Rice and the Department of State bookstore that I heard on the radio that I hope is true. I haven't been able to find it in Google--I've spent at least 30 seconds trying to track it down. If you've seen a reputable source, let me know. I heard it this morning on the Bob Connors show (WTVN 620 a.m. Columbus) and he was interviewing someone.

Seems that for years women employees have been complaining about Penthouse and Playboy magazines in the State Dept. bookstore/newstand (I think these are contracted out--but probably not to China or India). When Dr. Condoleeza Rice, the first woman Secretary of State with balls saw them, she decided they really weren't necessary.

I don't know if the American Library Association will raise the cry of censorship--they are always sticking blowing their noses into politics. Our public library staff and board believes it is necessary to give space to free-circ newspapers selling sex, so maybe the State Department thinks magazines selling sex is OK.

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