Friday, April 28, 2006

2423 The Marketing of Evil

When I read that an OSU (Mansfield branch) librarian had been charged with sexual harassment for recommending a book for a reading list, I just had to check it out. And although I didn't really expect any action from The American Library Association, an organization so far to the left, its eyes have rolled back in its head and its toe nails have dug into the concrete, it would have been nice if they spoke up for something (freedom to read, or debate issues, for instance) instead of just blathering against the Bush administration and the Patriot Act while they entice children to sit at unfiltered computers.

If I were gay (i.e., a homosexual, and he explains the terminology change in the chapter on gay rights), I would really find this book terribly offensive. At least chapter one. As offensive as I, a Christian, find The DaVinci Code which insults and belittles not just the millions of Christians living now, but those of the last 2000 years. And Kupelian doesn't insult or belittle homosexuals, but he does by inclusion call their movement to normalize their life style, evil. And after many years of never hearing that word, it has hit the big time since 2001, and is at risk of overuse.

He begins the chapter somewhat sympathetically with the story of Robert Bauman, a gay Republican who published his story in 1980. In this section Kupelian uses the phrases "his sexual problem," and "unnatural sexual compulsion." However, that's also what Bauman, who is gay, calls it. But that probably isn't what outrages gays about this book. It's Kupelian's conclusion, after he meticulously describes the 25 year "war plan" to get gay rights into the main stream (a very successful war, by the way, and it includes the media and a powerful gay journalist organization), that the success of the movement has denied them their conflict, or the seeds of redemption.

"Glorifying dysfunctionality and corruption, we have relieved homosexuals of the inner conflict they once felt over their condition--something they desperately need, indeed all of us need, if we're ever going to overcome our problems and find wholeness." p. 37 And then he heaps perhaps the biggest insult of all--he calls their victory a terrible failure, loss and sadness. "Sadly, we've failed Bauman and millions suffering with similar sexual problems by glorifying and pandering to their dysfuction and pretending it's normal."

Other chapters in the book concern The Myth of Church-State Separation; Selling sex and rebellion to your children; How Western Culture was turned upside down in one generation; the campaign to destroy marriage (feminism); fraudulent science (this one's about sex); hijacking America's education system; the media matrix (bias, mind control); how abortion was marketed; the fall and rise of American Christianity--the dumbed down, shallow, plastic banana Christianity isn't up to fighting the clever marketing of evil.

Whatever Michael Moore is to the left, Kupelian is to the right. ALA and college curriclua have warmly welcomed Moore to their inner circles; have invited him to their meetings and conferences. I don't expect them to be fair and balanced. Those days are gone on the college campuses of America--and Kupelian will tell you why.


W. Stauffer said...

If someone has the time they can fill out the official challenge form at ALA OIF.

Until that happens, the officials there can feign ingorance. If Mr. Savage, or anyone who wants to take the time, actually fills out the form, then this book will make it onto next years challenged list.

If conservatives don't play by the rules they should not complain so much.

Norma said...

I'll look at the form, but keep in mind, they were not trying to keep the book out of the library (I think it was in the library), but were trying to get the librarian fired for suggesting it for a reading list to balance books on the left. That's a bit beyond your usual censorship issues. Filing harassment charges is a new twist and I suppose could catch on as a threat to librarians who don't toe the liberal line.

tomeboy55 said...

Anyone able to find a Reparative Therapy book to read in their local library? Anyone dare to suggest one be purchased?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone able to find a Reparative Therapy book to read in their local library? Anyone dare to suggest one be purchased?"

No. I tend to avoid purchasing pseudoscience books for the library, with the exception of the "big monster" ones (Bigfoot, etc. - kids love them).
If I bought "reparative therapy" books, I would also have to consider Scientology ones, orgone energy ones, and space alien abduction ones.

- Jesse
- Jesse

Norma said...

And there we have it. Librarians like Jesse deciding what you can read. Now my library just loves those pseudoscience books--it's the Christian books it choses to reject.

Anonymous said...

Dear Norma The entire issue didn't have anything to do with the book but the way in which the librarian made university staff feel uncomfortable. He apparently has used similar tactics in the past and had been reprimanded for this before. You may not agree with gays but making them feel like second class citizens isn't just. You aren't persecuted for being white are you?

Norma said...

The problem with "feelings" is you can claim anything makes you "feel" a certain way, like someone staring at you makes you "feel" unsafe, whether or not you are, or someone saying you are short, makes you feel short, even if you are 5'10". This was clearly an infringement on the librarian's right to contribute to a conversation about a book list. And yes, it had everything to do with the book and its content.

I personally think the book's facts and writing style could make gays "feel" awfully uncomfortable, especially by revealing how their lifestyle has been marketed. Michael Moore makes me feel very threatened, as do many of the rewrites of American History, but they remain on college book lists and library shelves.

Anonymous said...

Norma If I came to work every day and told you repeatedly how much I dislike you because you were "Christian", how would you feel? Don't try and justify bigotry just because it fits your politics. And the book is complete drivel, a trained librarian such as yourself should be able to see through it.

Norma said...

Anon: Suggesting a book for a booklist is not exactly on that level, but if it is for you, don't ever walk in my P.L. if you are a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Norma According to statements made by Professors at the library, this wonderful gentleman was doing more than just suggesting books. He was preaching to people about their "lifestyle". Frankly, doing your job is one thing, but don't sit and tell others how to live their lives, it is not what you are paid to do. Mind you, I completely agree that if all he did was merely suggest a book then I would support him. His past firing from a job for similar tactics speaks for itself. By the way, the author of said book is a WorldNetDaily contributer and the law firm representing this man is linked to WND, its more than a little suspicious that the only people beating the drum for this is WND.