Thursday, April 06, 2006

2356 Where do you knit?

I’ve been taking my knitting to church and do a few rows while chatting with the ladies in the fireside lounge between services. We (the choir) sing at the 8:30 and the 11 a.m. services, so there’s about 75 minutes to kill (we have 11 services at 3 locations). Of course, I’m just learning, so it won’t make much difference where I knit. But recently I read an article in Easy Knitting where readers wrote in with stories about where they knit:

1) transcontinental air flights
2) soccer games, baseball practice and various school activities of their children
3) beside the bathtub while the toddler played in the water
4) on a walk (ouch, that doesn’t even sound safe)
5) at meetings
6) back of the Honda motorcycle (for 5,000 miles)
7) during church--she’s making stoles with Celtic symbols
8) anywhere--using circular needles
9) while her husband fishes (she’s with him)
10) on the way to work at traffic lights
11) at the jail (waiting for defendants), at the movies, and working out on exercise machines
12) baseball stadium
13) at the nursing home visiting her husband who has had a massive stroke
14) while “jeeping” and waiting for the other vehicles to go over obstacles
15) doctor’s office
16) under the covers in the dark (when she was a child)
17) sitting under the grape arbor in the back yard
18) freeway ramp, waiting
19) between hands during bridge
20) with a friend on Sunday afternoons watching football on TV.

While visitng another TT today, Domesticated Bloggage, I learned about this site for free knitting patterns. Elle just loves freebies.

Yarn Boy has a Guide to Knitting on Mass-Transit delays.


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Susan said...

I've knitted in a lot of those situations. I think it also helps me concentrate on other things better. My favorite thing to do to relax is prop open a big book and knit and read. My knitting is more even and my reading retention is better.

I think I'd like to knit in during sermons in church and my Bible study because it helps me focus, but I wouldn't dare. I have ADD and I know it is a great tool for me and a lot of fun, too!