Sunday, April 16, 2006

2386 Apologies are in order

To my family and friends who are church musicians [and you know who you are], I want to apologize for sitting in the pew all these years and being clueless about how hard you work every week to help us praise the Lord. The choir sang at three services this morning (jokes were being made about pitching tents); we sang Christ is Risen (Paul Sjolund), Wondrous Love (Alice Parker and Robert Shaw) and Hallelujah chorus (Handel) at the Sunrise service (practice at 6:30 a.m.); then at 8:30 Christ is Risen, When he comes again (Lari Goss), and Hallelujah (practice at 8 a.m.); and at 11:00 Christ is Risen, When he comes again, and Hallelujah. However, Allan Willis, our organist played Carillon de Westminster (Vierne) and Toccata from Symphony V (Widor) multiple times, the offertory 3 times, Finale Jubilante (Willan), plus all the hymns you sing on Easter for three services plus all the special music for the two communion services, plus playing with us when we sang and the brass ensemble. And Michael Martin, our choir director, did all those three services plus he played the piano at a fourth service at 9:45 directing the small group ensemble that sings for the contemporary service. This followed the services we sang on Maundy Thursday evening, Heavy (Nagy) and Remember Me (Sterling), and Good Friday evening, when we performed The Cross said it all (Goss), The Lamb (Tavenor), and O Love Divine (Helvey). And of course, there were preludes, hymns and offertories for those services, too.

I think I'm singing a little better than two months ago, but I'm still not contributing much except showing up. I'm practicing at home on the Midi that my son loaned me. I've got some squeaks and squawks that aren't going away. It's probably not a good plan to lay out for 50 years. I'll give it a little more time, but I'll never regret what I've learned about church musicians the past few months.

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