Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2392 Refer a friend, get a gift

When we moved here about 40 years ago, we selected a bank for very sound reasons--it was near by and it was the only one with Saturday morning hours. We're still with the same bank, and it may be the only one around that hasn't changed names.

This week we got a handsome flyer from a "banking office associate" suggesting we refer a friend for a checking account and we'll both receive a gift. So I looked at the picture of the gifts. The umbrella is the only item I can identify with certainty. It will require a $50 deposit to get the free gift, and there will be a $20 closing fee if you close it within 180 days. And you have to report the gift value on IRS Form 1099. Trust me. This is not a $20 umbrella, and the other two thingies, well, who knows? So, find your own bank.

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