Thursday, October 19, 2006

2984 New Cybils award for children's and YA lit

There are many bloggers that review children's literature. Kiddie lit is something I never got into--never had a course in it, didn't care much about it when I was a child, and preferred reading "My Bookhouse" to my own children. But I do adore the illustrations and like reading the reviews. These very talented bloggers have inaugurated their own book award, honoring books published in English for children in 2006. Anne Boles Levy, of Book Buds, launched the site this week and will administer the awards process. I link to her. As I understand De Rewels, anyone can nominate a book--you don't have to be a blogger, and you can even be an author.

There are 8 categories and nominations close November 20--some of the categories already have quite a few titles suggested, others are wide open for suggestions.

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Bkbuds said...

Many thanks for the mention and the links! We're very excited over here in Cybils territory.

And I didn't get into kids' books much until I had two of my own, so I sympathize.