Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are poor pregnant women paid to be in clinical trials for abortion procedures?

“We propose a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial of women undergoing first trimester surgical abortion to compare pain with dilation after receiving a PCB 20/4/3 versus a PCB with fewer injection sites and with no delay. The primary outcome is pain with cervical dilation. Secondary outcomes include pain at additional time points before, during, and after the procedure; satisfaction; side effects; and need for additional intraoperative and postoperative pain medication.” Paula Bednarek, Oregon Health and Science University, 2011

“In this study we would compare mifepristone and misoprostol use to osmotic dilator use, as both are administered the day before. Mifepristone would be given 24 hours prior to abortion, and misoprostol 400 mcg would be administered buccally 2 hours prior to abortion. Osmotic dilators are the method currently used in our institution, and are placed 24 hours prior to abortion.

The primary outcome will be the length of the procedure. Secondary outcomes will include amount of dilation achieved, ease of procedure, patient assessment of discomfort after mifepristone or dilators, discomfort during the abortion procedure, acceptability to patients, and acceptability to staff.” Lynn Borgatta, Boston Medical Center, 2011

Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) is a progestin-only, hormonal contraceptive that is extremely effective and very appealing for the adolescent contraceptive user. But it causes weight gain and bone loss, so here in Columbus at Children's Hospital they are enrolling girls as young as 12 in research to try to make it less objectionable and less risky for young girls. Researcher is Andrea Bonny, 2011

“Building a career in abortion research to fight restrictive access in the US” is a research topic for Amanda Dennis which has provided her with $82,000 in grant money. She doesn’t seem to be a doctor--maybe she’s a librarian--but works for Ibis Reproductive Health, an abortion grinder non-profit, and is getting money to explain “how it did it good” after the fact. 2011

All these examples from grant descriptions of Society of Family Planning, and are only a selection of the 2011 grants. There are many others. I wonder who or what funds this death vehicle?

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