Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Not my blog, not my writing; but does bring up some interesting points, like why is a black life only valuable or a black killing tragic only if a non-black is the perp? Most blacks are killed by other blacks; most gays are killed by other gays; most rapes happen to men and take place in prison; most Hispanics, etc. etc. Except for women. And then the press only cares if she's a lesbian.

"First, in terms of characterizing America as a racist nation, the fact that we have a black president kind of, sort of, a little bit, makes it stupid to try to paint a whole nation with the “racism” brush just because a big Hispanic man in a bad neighborhood pulled a gun on a big black guy in the same neighborhood. That’s true whether the killing was motivated by self-defense, insanity, or racism.

Second, people are beginning to catch on to the media’s games. In a way, it’s useful that the Martin killing followed on the heels of the Toulouse massacre. It’s a reminder that the media has a few templates for murder: When a black person dies at the hands of a non-black person, it’s a front-page racially motivated crime. When a non-black person dies at the hands of black person, it’s a bottom of page 27 story. And when a Muslim kills people while shouting “Allah is great,” Islam has nothing to do with it. Here, the media is sticking to its narrative with regard to both the Martin and Mohammed stories, despite pesky little details that put the lie to the media narratives.

Third, this was a one-person crime. Zimmerman didn’t belong to a White (or Hispanic) Supremacist movement. He wasn’t a corrupt small town sheriff. This wasn’t just another in a long line of racially motivated murders in the same community. It’s awfully hard to make a serious case for institutional American racism based on a sordid neighborhood dispute."

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Anonymous said...

So why did he shoot him then,,, just because he could,,, and get away with it. It is so senseless! And how would you have the press report it??????

Norma said...

I read senseless violence reports in the paper every day--I'm alarmed at the stupidity. One man chased down his wife and daughter in a parking lot as they were going to a movie. The violence against women particularly doesn't make front page--barely the local. What to follow here is the race baiting, to pile on because of the race of the victim, when 100 such crimes will barely make the news.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Hey Anon, the MSM is supposed to report the facts instead of running with speculation BEFORE all the facts are known. Of course, fanning the flames of controversy is their favorite game.
If you had a person on top of you that you couldn't get off and he was banging your head against the ground and punching you, what would you do if your only hope was the gun in your pocket?