Thursday, March 29, 2012

How refreshing!

"Our ministry is financially sound so we ask that only those who can afford to contribute to do so. Without your donations we will remain. What your donations do is move us more rapidly towards our goals of reaching more people in more ways with the hope that all Christians will join us in prayer in whatever way possible.

We will except donations, but we ask that you first take care of yourself, your family, and people who need your help in your own parish. If you have taken care of yourself and your family and have contributed locally and still feel you are fortunate to have “left overs” then we welcome your contributions."

This is at the tab "Want to help" at Divine Office--Liturgy of the Hours, a very peaceful way to begin, middle or end your day, with just the words of scripture, silence and a recorded hymn. Because I'm an early riser, often if I want to hear an entire podcast for morning, I have to the previous day.

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