Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama and his desire to destroy the Catholic Church

I've been puzzled that the Bishops were surprised at Obama's duplicity and lies. This sermon by Father Sammie L. Maleta, Jr. of Indiana on Feb. 5, 2012 gives the background on Obama's war on the Catholic Church (and indeed all Christians), the largest non-government provider of health services. "We will go out of business before we pay to have a child murdered." So why is Obama attempting to create a crisis? So the government can step in and provide the service at higher cost and become one step closer to socialism. Why is Obama so focused on "reproductive services" when there are so many problems in the world? Why did it become more important than the Bill of Rights? Even if you voted for Obama, you didn't vote for THIS! It's a very fine sermon. Don't miss it. Now I understand, and know a whole lot more than I did before. It's not the one you heard in your parish, and if you are a Protestant, you certainly haven't heard it.

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Norma said...

(received via e-mail)
Dear Norma
Please excuse the familiarity. I hope this reaches you.
I write from England ! - the power of the internet !
I just wanted to thank you for posting the article with audio of Father Sammy from the St John the Evangelist Church in St John on your blog.
I was so pleased that you good people in the US are becoming aware of what is happening to your country, because, unfortunately, it what has already happened over here.
I urge to try and circulate that message as much as possible, to try and make as many people as possible - especially church goers - aware of what is happening and the real true underlying reasons for why it is happening.
As Father Sammy has realised, the mandatory inclusion of provision of funding for abortion is, I feel, just the weapon they (your Government) are using to attack the Churches, it is not their real issue.
Father Sammy has correctly identified that by these attacks, and the amount of regulations being imposed on the churches and their associated charities, all of the good work your Churches do will be shrunk, with the ultimate goal being that the people will have to turn to the Government to provide these services.
The Churches will removed by stealth, instead of being removed by force, as previously tried in other socialist / communist countries.
For I feel that the type of country the US Governments are now wanting is one in which Churches must be removed, so that people only look to the State for their material and spiritual wellbeing.
Ironically, I write as a more socialist leaning person, but can see, that the removal of faith from society here in the UK, and the attempts to achieve the same in the US, we already are, and you will be, a poorer country for it.
Thank you again for posting - it has given me hope. I cannot over-emphasise how much I feel your churches and church goers need to actively broadcast Father Sammy's message.
Yours sincerely