Monday, March 26, 2012

Roy Rogers and Trigger

The cover of the Ohio Historical Society's Timeline, April-June 2012, is Roy Rogers and Trigger, rearing up. Rogers real name was Leonard Slye and he was born in Duck Run, Ohio. I just glanced at the cover, but it looks like Trigger has been airbrushed, so I checked the internet to make sure he was a stallion (yes, purchased when he was 4 years old and died in 1965). Rogers owned several Palaminos, so maybe this was a stand in. The saddle gear looks the same as the 1943 Life magazine pictured on the inside, but that Trigger has four white stockings, whereas the one on the cover of Timeline does not. Could explain the missing "other" gear. A picture of the cover is not on the OHS website yet. . .

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