Thursday, March 15, 2012

She just loves this book!

Namaste's back. I've had a link to her for years, but she hadn't been blogging for awhile. Now she's returned refreshed because she read a book. Librarians love that.

So I read this book recently and I was like, HOLY CRAP!! I need to blog!

You know I love you readers, I do. But for the last few months of my blogging I had begun feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed by the leftist monopoly of the MSM. Yup, I confess, the liberal madness was under my skin, giving me a headache. It was beginning to feel as if I was seeing the liberal message in all things, screaming at me, everywhere I turned. Television, movies, books, magazines, newspapers!

If I went on-line to check the weather or get a little news, I had to first click past stupid yahoo or the idiot msn dot com with their slanted sucky headlines. Grrr! And then! If that wasn't enough, glassy-eyed black people who love Obama, were friggin surrounding me! Ugh! These glassy-eyed strangers would assume, because I happen to be black, that they could chat me up about their love for O-moron. Seriously. I needed a break.

But then! I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Facebook! One of my friends started a discussion on his FB page that led me to discover The Content of Our Character by Shelby Steele, a must read for anyone who has spent any time living in our GREAT COUNTRY, AMERICA. The book, published over 20 years ago, takes an honest look at the effects of race relations on each of us and how it's evolved since the 1950s.

Steele, a conservative, advocates eliminating affirmative action in favor of rewarding individual performance based on merit. Here here! I will say more on my feelings about race in America today in later posts. But for now, let me say this. Having read this book, I feel like I found a long lost friend. Among Americans, I feel completely at home. That's a given. I LOVE my America. But it has also saddened me to feel so alienated from most black people. So many blacks are left-leaning and voted for Obama, not for his politics, but for the color of his skin. I did not. And I hope to see Obama booted out from my White House in November.

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Norma said...

Via e-mail
I'm a bit late sharing my sentiments, my apologies. Thank you so very much for the recent post you wrote on your blog welcoming me back. I truly appreciate that you took the time to write about me. I tried to leave you a comment but when I wrote in that section, blogger didn't give me the publish option. From one fellow book lover to another, you rock! Thanks for reading me sweet friend.