Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The hound of heaven snatched her -- guest blog

One of my high school friends was a Latter Day Saint (Mormon) - I went to camp with her when we were freshmen in high school... the leaders were very nice. We took pot with us and smoked out in the woods with a couple other campers, who later turned us in. The leaders tried to get us to confess, but we were happy stoners and didn't care. When they pulled out the book of Mormon to do a study, I laughed all the way through the stories about Jesus showing up in South America... like a good Catholic girl on weed...

To the point - the Mormon faith does not save souls - it teaches followers to be good citizens, i.e., they are non-judgmental, non-authoritarian, non-offending - they do also use the Bible on the side. . . but somehow miss the spot where Scripture says, "if you add one jot or tittle" - I suppose since the Book of Mormon IS a different tome, it isn't technically an addition to Scripture... but the practice is full of bad doctrine that directly contradicts the Hebrew revelation.

The LDS adults had no power to discipline, curb or guilt me into appropriate behavior - but then, by my senior year I was smoking pot in the school building. . . so go figure! - Remember, God had been removed from the schools (I'm a gen-Xer), so I had nothing to fear there... no one was in legitimate authority over me... at that point in time, my parents had swallowed the whole lie.

Remember the story of the gingerbread boy? He ran and ran as fast as he can? Got away from the little old man, the little old woman, the farmer, the duck, the pig, etc. But the fox got him when they crossed the river together... snip, snap... I am the gingerbread boy. I ran and ran till the fox got me! However, there is another version of the story where the gingerbread boy realized his error, and ran home as fast as he could! Me again! Only it was the hound of heaven who snip snapped me - and it was the Spirit of God that brought me under His ultimate authority! Praise and Glory to you, LORD!

Second point - unless the Spirit of God is Romney's ultimate authority, he is just another gingerbread boy running as fast as he can to be a good citizen for the sake of contributing to society - is that bad? No... civil duty is a great thing and pleases God. These leaders get things done - and our Constitution has plenty of room for Mormons.

I really liked those soft LDS leaders... They contributed nicely to my narcissistic youth... That doesn't mean that I believe everything they believe - but then I rebelled against the Catholic church, too... and against just about every authority figure that ever tried to cross my path...

But then, what else would you expect from a cookie?!

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