Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Obama Administration standards for military crime

When military doctor Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 9 and wounded 30 at Ft. Hood the Obama administration called it "work place violence," ignoring his ties to extremist Islamists for years, and still haven't brought the guy to trial after 3 years. But when an obviously deranged soldier kills Afghan civilians, within 3 days Panetta and higher up Democrats are asking for the death penalty? Do they think that will make the pain go away for the families. Is that Islamic justice? It sure isn't what we've come to expect from either U.S. justice or military justice. Where are the liberals who hang around prisons singing with candles in the dark after 20 years of appeals for rapists and cop killers when you need them? "The US soldier who went berserk and killed 16 innocent Afghan civilians could face execution, according to the US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta."

Terrible story of slaughter here.

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