Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two more health laws to drain our tax dollars

There are two more buckets with holes in them for health tax dollars called, 1) The Plain Writing Act of 2010, and 2) National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy. Supposedly, graduates of our government schools, plumped up with federal dollars and requirements for not falling behind (NCLB) or racing to the top (RttT), can't read instructions or understand basic health information so there will be more awarding of grants and contracts to entities to promote and teach "health literacy." Plain writing is defined as "clear, concise, well-organized and follows best practices. . . " Have you ever tried to read and understand PPACA (aka Obamacare law)? If you are in the ESL field, here's your next golden goose. If you're a teacher retiring at 55 with only a $70,000 pension for 30 years work and need to set up a non-profit to qualify for health insurance or to make more money, here's just the vehicle. Fill out the paper work, name your company, rent some space, and bring in the people the schools failed when you were teaching.

According to a recent study published in February 2012 Health Affairs, intended I think to point out that Americans don't understand basic health instructions, only 14% were below basic, the other 86% were either proficient, intermediate or basic. That's about the same percentage that didn't have health insurance or hadn't applied even though they were eligible, and therefore the government needed to take over the entire industry.

What is health literacy? Are there smokers who don't know they are at risk for lung cancer? Am I the only one who knows I should be exercising more, but instead sit here and blog? Are there sun lovers who don't know about skin cancer? Are there gay and bisexual men who don't know about HIV and oral HPV or how they transmit it to their partners? Are there apple shaped women with thick waists who ignore their doctors warnings about breast cancer and diabetes? Is there an alcoholic who hasn't tried to shut up the spouse, friend or employer when drinking came up for discussion? Is it really lack of knowledge? Or is it lack of willingness to do the changes necessary to be healthy?

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