Friday, March 16, 2012

What won in 2008--will it work in 2012?

I was looking at my November 3, 2008 blog entry about Obama. The technology thing probably won't work this time--the kids are on to him, and even grandpa's on twitter. We know he'll lower the price of gasoline, but it certainly won't be as low as November 2008; we know he'll pull something dirty in the middle east or Africa that will look like the U.S. is coming to someone's aid; we know he'll take credit for an ever so slowly recovering economy which primarily shows the will of the American people. Can you think of anything else? Since the $1 surcharge for abortion is already in the insurance policies of Americans, can the Catholic fight go anywhere?
Love him or hate him, admire or denigrate him, his minions and lackeys are masters of puppetry, show, fluff, alinskyized groups, speed and visual impact. He picks an old-time, aging liberal for a running mate and uses text messaging to announce it, and the kiddoes swoon from excitement, ignorning the fact that Democrats refused Biden several times. They get little old ladies to leave their home in Illinois and paint store fronts and make coffee in Wisconsin; they get honor scholars to come home from Europe and give false addresses in Ohio and live in a dump so they can bus in the homeless and confused who haven't voted in years, or maybe never. They build a Greek Temple for $5 million to announce what we all knew--he was going to be the candidate and then rip into Palin for her clothes; he prances around Europe posing with fascist imagery but the kids have never studied history, so still they swoon. His agents and organizers, managers and gurus understand that what matters is the feeling, the excitement of the moment, not the facts. Norma, Nov. 3, 2008

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