Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is abortion justified and merciful in rape cases? The Roman Catholic view

"Women who have been the victims of this crime [rape] have suffered a very great wrong. However, if pregnancy results, the unborn baby is entirely innocent of any wrong. Justice forbids this [an abortion], while mercy demands that the wrong already done be limited and overcome, so far as possible, with healing love. This requires correctly drawing the line between good and evil: the rapist’s act was evil, but the woman who was raped remains good, and the baby, though unwelcome, proceeds in part from her, is innocent, and so belongs on her side of the line. To reaffirm herself, she must accept the baby’s goodness, with the conviction that nothing that happened can make her and her baby bad. Nurturing the baby until its birth, she can then decide whether or not to accept the responsibilities of motherhood."

G. Grisez, The Way of the Lord Jesus: Living a Christian Life, Vol. 2 (Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, 1986), 501.

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mdoneil said...

Yet people still argue for killing the child.