Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's thoughts

Washington Post is reporting Islamists took more than 70 percent of legislative seats in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party alone has nearly half of the seats in the newly elected parliament. My goodness. What paranoia. At least isn't that what the conservative talkers like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity were told when they warned of this a year ago? When they didn't see a lot of hope and change in the Arab Spring?

Link to Washington Post , because some people think you're quoting Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh if you don't use their source.


Remember watching our current President, then campaigning in 2008, when he said energy prices would need to go up? Well, he sure called it. AEP is going along with it. He's even hurting the homeless.
"Jennifer Eschbach of the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations said the rate increases faced under the most recent rate plan, which since was rescinded by the PUCO, raised the monthly rate of a homeless shelter in Canton from $786 to $1,728. Dispatch story"
"In classic Obama heavy-handed style, the President is using the regulatory power of the EPA to manipulate the free market to favor natural gas and renewable energy by regulating coal-fired electricity out of existence.

Obama’s blunder is ignoring the transition cost of eliminating about half of the country’s cheap and dependable source of electricity. Higher energy costs resulting from the shift from coal to Obama’s choice of electricity generation will drain the disposable income of consumers and, most important, be a huge barrier to the creation of new manufacturing jobs." Tom Borelli's opinion
We have a lot of family in California. High gas prices; high taxes.
"One of the last states to have a tax rate as high as California is proposing was Delaware in the 1970s. Its rate hit 19.8%. Then-Governor Pete du Pont cut the rate to 10.3% in 1979 and later to 5.95%, and after five years the state's revenues had nearly doubled and its credit rating went from the worst to one of the best. None of these facts matter to [governor] Mr. Brown or his allies because the tax increase is simply about the political power to deliver money to the interests that live off government."
Link to Wall Street Journal editorial comments

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