Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bookworm didn't like Obama four years ago

For all the same reasons I didn't, but she's a better writer/blogger. I suspect she's a librarian, but don't know her name or profession.

The problem with Obama’s race is that you’re not allowed to dislike him simply because you don’t like him. From my point of view, irrespective of skin color, I find Obama boring and platitudinous, I dislike and distrust his friends, I find appalling his lack of practical experience, and I disagree with him from top to bottom when it comes to his political positions. He is, to me, an utterly undesirable candidate. However, in the world of identity politics, all of this is clearly a front for my unspoken racism. It is impossible for those on the Left to believe that, if someone is in a politically correct minority, he can be disliked for reasons other than his minority status. . ."

"It will be interesting, assuming Obama continues in politics for a while (whether as a 2008 presidential candidate or a 2012 candidate), to see if we’re allowed to dislike him without being tarred with the racist brush. It will also be interesting if, God forbid, he wins the 2008 presidential primaries, to see if the press will be able to make itself write anything even slightly negative about him. And considering the horror with which Hillary’s attacks against him are being greeted, will the Republican candidate be able to say anything negative, no matter how substantive, without being tarred with the racist brush? The one thing I can promise you is that, if Obama loses, it won’t be because he’s boring, antisemitic (or, at least, his friends are), uninformed, unexperienced and a leftist. In the eyes of the MSM, whose opinion will be disseminated around the world, he can lose only because he’s black. And that’s the problem with Obama’s race."
Flashback to January 20, 2008


Anonymous said...

race didn't stop you

Norma said...

You should see the hate comments I've deleted--directed against me.

Anonymous said...

Msm equals men who have sex with men.... In my industry.

Norma said...

Yes, it does often on this blog too since I use JAMA and NEJM as my sources. Acronyms often have multiple meanings, FAA for instance can be the Florida Archery Association, but to the general public who aren't thinking AIDS (can also be Agency for International Development) or STDs or anti-retroviral cocktails, MSM usually means "main stream media."