Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why does the left hate Sarah Palin so?

She isn't as conservative as many Republicans; she's not running for President; she had an athletic scholarship in college. Yet, they go on and on and on. Today I got an e-mail from a liberal friend who said he admired me but. . . how could I possibly share a world view with [gasp, choke] Sarah Palin? Like I should share a world view, as he apparently does/did with Ted Kennedy or John Kerry or Hillary Clinton?

I'm convinced the ridicule, antipathy, and vitriol directed at Sarah Palin is not about her politics, but what she represents--first because she allowed her child with Down Syndrome (93% of whom are aborted after screening finds them) to live and didn't encourage her teen-age daughter to abort her grandchild, and second because she energized a flagging and failing Republican party with her zest and no-shirt-tails rise in politics and perhaps gave birth to the Tea Party movement--or at least mid-wifed it (at least she knew the date of the original, and the libs didn't).

I went to a local college to hear her speak and I can't even describe the sparkle and energy and the fresh spirit she brought, even though I'm sure she'd given that speech many times. She's everything Barack Obama isn't--pro-life in every sense of the word including pep and energy, pro-family, pro-business, pro-little guy, pro-American and pro-Christian. I gave up on her as a politician when she abandoned her post in Alaska due to the harassment and ridicule from the highest offices to the lowest scumbags (like Bill Maher and Dave Letterman) on TV, but that doesn't deny what she was able to do within one week in 2008. And Barack Obama is still afraid of her and he is campaigning against her even though she's not running. If Sarah Palin's message of hope is allowed to survive, there really would be change and the Democrats know it. Socialism in America would be writhing and gasping for air.

When I was in first and second grade there was a boy in my class, who today if allowed to live, would probably do just fine with some attitude adjustment on the part of the school system. In 1946-47 he was ridiculed by the teacher and teased by the other kids, and dropped out to work on the family farm after second grade. I had 3 classmates who had siblings who didn't attend school, but one came to church and was cherished by her family and was never kept hidden away. My Uncle Ben had a son about my Dad’s age who after he became an adult was moved into a special home, and when he died about a decade ago, my father arranged for his funeral to be buried in the town cemetery with the rest of his family.

One of my sons was born with multiple physical and mental handicaps and died shortly after birth. Whether I would have been one of the brave parents fighting for his rights who helped to get the ADA passed, or whether our marriage could have survived those challenges, I never had to find out. But our little Patrick is one reason I think children should be allowed to live, even if it is just the 9 months of the womb life. I learned a lot from him and look forward to seeing him at the resurrection.

The primary reason I'm against the HHS Mandate is everything the Bible teaches about the sacredness of life and that is what the Roman Catholic Church is supporting. It's not the liberals who reach out to help the poorest and weakest, it is the church. When we see those in need and we help, even the ones who are sick or in prison, we are meeting Jesus. We are never promised that hunger or poverty will end the way the liberals do when asking for more money, or that people won't be unjustly imprisoned the way politicians do when running for office; only that we will meet Jesus when we love and care for them. You don't build powerful political allies with a philosophy like that.

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Anonymous said...

Palin is disliked because she's the alpha dog of hypocrisy. Nobody picks on little Trig. As a mother and someone who works with children, I was horrified to see Palin expose her young infant to deafening noise at the convention center. He was passed around like a rag doll. Who didn't worry about her young daughter dropping that baby? I was certainly holding my breath as she went down the steps, barely able to hold him. Palin should have charged with child neglect, if not abuse. You don't bring an infant into a room where thousands of people are stomping their feet and shouting. What kind of mother would do such a thing?

You mention that you respect truth and while all politicians lie, Palin's record of deceit is legendary.

Claiming she's a model Christian, she plays her sex appeal to the hilt, is suggestive in her speeches (drill, baby, drill, comments on the President's cojones, stripper poles, panties in a bunch, etc.) and whines that she is the victim of sexism. Can you imagine if Obama ever made a reference to her breasts? No wonder Bristol sees no conflict representing sexual abstinence. She's already had a child and is now moving in with a new boyfriend and filming a reality show. Talk about shoving hypocrisy in the fans' faces....and they'll probably cheer her on. Most of the world is astounded at how willing the fans are to be played for fools and suckers.

You might want to turn off Fox News and expose yourself to nonpartisan scholars and real reporters because the whole family is laughing all the way to the bank.

It's extremely easy to verify her statements. or for starters. I, for one, don't like being lied to. I guess I'm just funny that way. And I don't like religion and children used as props to further one's own selfish need for fame and fortune. The onslaught and vitriol she spits out at the President is disrespectful and disgusting. Christian, my foot! I was raised Christian and it's all about honesty and humility. Palin is a disgrace to this country and to the values REAL Christians hold dear.

As for her fans, they say there are no victims, only volunteers. Good luck.