Monday, March 12, 2012

Over one third of abortions are black babies

And yet that's not enough for an abortion mill organization called the Urban Initiative, which is an arm of the National Institute for Reproductive Health and which wants to go national. There are code words in this field.
"Reproductive health" means abortion.
"Access to comprehensive reproductive health services" means access to abortion.
"Reduce unintended pregnancies" means killing babies in the womb.
"Pro-family planning" means pro-abortion.
"Urban reproductive health issues" means aborting black babies so they won't go on the welfare roles.
"Proactive policy agenda to reduce unintended pregnancy" means signing up public officials to support abortion.
"Funded, administered, or legislated at the municipal level" means taxpayer supported abortions.
"Improving the reproductive health of women and families" means killing babies.
"Reproductive health and justice trends" means they are fighting pro-life bill boards and crisis pregnancy centers as "racist," even though they are the ones killing black babies.
Here's its goal for the black community (ignore the sociological jargon--it still means death to babies):
THE CHALLENGE: In the United States, women living in urban centers are more likely to be in their reproductive years than their rural counterparts. For many reproductive health indicators, city residents experience worse reproductive health outcomes compared to the national average. Many poor reproductive health indicators are linked with some of the systemic problems affecting urban areas: poverty, racism, shortage of affordable housing, crime, lack of adequate public transportation, and the concentration of environmental pollutants and toxins.
The expansion of this organization is to be accomplished through "bootcamps," community roundtables to pull into their sphere of influence grass roots organizations, leadership institutes, establishing partnerships with other community organizations, regional and national summits. This is very much the Saul Alinsky model of working with the underclass and poor--never mind that the goal of the organization is the death of the smallest and weakest of that group.


Anonymous said...

How do we counter this horrid, predatory behavior? The people are vulnerable and looking for leadership to help them. Where are the churches and mission to these areas?
Eve Tomassini

Norma said...

I was shocked reading through some of the websites how many are fighting pregnancy crisis centers and pro-life groups calling us "racist." It really makes no sense to me at all. Also, these non-profit groups are definitely targeting black communities. I gave up counting the photos of pretty young white doctors (probably models) surrounded by adoring minority women and children. It's really disgusting.