Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parents sue for wrongful birth

No test is perfect. Once back in 1963 I was told I was pregnant but I wasn't--it was another woman's test with a similar name. Some couples are told there's something wrong, they continue with the pregnancy and the baby is perfect. Some people refuse the test because they know the purpose--to kill the child if it isn't perfect. 93% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted based on tests developed for the sole purpose of killing them. Those scientists' mothers should be so proud. Then there's the Levys:
"A couple is suing a health center for 'wrongful birth' after a prenatal test intended to pick up whether a foetus has Down syndrome failed - and their daughter was born with the condition. Ariel and Deborah Levy, from Portland, Oregon, who have two other children, said in a lawsuit they would have aborted their daughter Kalanit - who is now four - if they had known."
Pre-natal test was wrong

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