Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where is the real War on Women?

A recent study shows an increase in breast cancer with injectable and oral contraceptives and a decrease in others--but then, many studies have shown that. What surprises me is that the anti-life "reproductive health" industry (abortion/contraception) which is huge and probably more powerful than the tobacco industry even lets this stuff get in print. The link between abortion and breast cancer no one denies because it's so strong. Scroll down to see how I've been looking at the published warnings included with contraceptive chemicals and tools (which many women never read). It's enough to turn my gray hair brown again. Do you really want your teenage daughter or granddaughter starting this stuff, or having it available as over the counter medications with no input from doctor or parents?

Injectable and Oral Contraceptive Use and Cancers of the Breast, Cervix, Ovary, and Endometrium in Black South African Women: Case–Control Study
World Health Organization Data on Birth Control Pill and Estrogen Replacement Carcinogenicity
If you have a young woman in your life, and especially if you have breast cancer in your family or she has other risk factors like weight or smoking, please get this book into her hands. If you are her mom, she probably won't listen. But then, you should read it, or give it to her grandmother. They sometimes have avenues that moms don't.

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Anonymous said...

Childless women and women having children later in life are at an
increased risk of developing breast cancer. In particular, women having a first child before 20 have a 50% reduction in lifetime breast cancer risk when compared with women who do not have children. Maybe the pill just allows women to reproduce later than what would be normal for a first child?