Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Media Matters deals with Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh insulted one woman taking on the sanctity of life teachings of the Catholic church, and apologized to her. Media Matters in an effort to shut him up permanently has launched a nationwide call to all progressives and leftists to destroy a popular, conservative radio talk show host by going after his sponsors--not just those with whom he has contracts, but anyone at local affiliate stations who advertise during the hours he is on and who have contracts with the local station. This is their business, they have employees, they contribute to the local economy. This is an attempt to destroy him, and in that effort is having a significant impact on these small businesses, many of whom can't supply their orders because their web sites have been snarled by leftists in a carefully orchestrated "book burning." The so-called fairness doctrine is just one more way to destroy the first amendment which has another clause being eroded by the HHS Mandate--the free exercise of religion. Be careful dear progressives, or you may be left with only turtles and milfoils (aquatic beetle) as your news sources.

"Anyone referring to the past to criticize the present should, together with all members of his family, be put to death. Officials who fail to report cases that have come under attention are equally guilty. After thirty days from the time of issuing the decree, those who have not destroyed their books are to be branded and sent to build the Great Wall. Books not to be destroyed will be those on medicine and pharmacy, divination by the turtle and milfoil, and agriculture and arboriculture."

Attributed to Li Ssu, in Records of the Grand Historian of China, 109 to 91 BC.


Anonymous said...

shocking that the left can claim the high road on morality--these are the folks who have peddled every imaginable trash TV and degrading movie and book known to man. The hypocrisy is so thick its choking.

Denise Michaels said...

No one's taking away Rush Limbaugh's right to free speech. He's not being dragged off to prison or worse in the middle of the night like he might be in Russia or Syria. He can stand on any street corner or public square and say what he wants. That's his First Amendment rights at work.

The First Amendment does NOT protect a right to spout nationally to the tune of $400 million per year. Few people who would like a national audience ever get it. Many people who send in a "letter to the editor" to their local paper don't see it in print. That's not part of the US Constitution signed back in the 1700s.

If Limbaugh is going to lie (which he does daily) with reckless disregard for the truth, slander people like Fluke and use the words he did against her - and then up the ante by insisting she post sex videos online - there actually are laws against slander which is not "protected speech." Slander is speech that is a lie with malicious intent. Gee, that would be Limbaugh pretty much every day on his show.

So, groups like Media Matters and others are saying, "Okay, let the free market work." If Limbaugh's advertisers continue to flee - he'll eventually be run off the 600 markets where his show is heard. There are lots of other marketing strategies available for businesses to get the word out besides the Rush Limbaugh show. Even if Limbaugh is driven off the air because his advertisers dry up - his free speech is STILL protected. He simply doesn't have the same bully pulpit (and I DO mean bully).

Once that happens he can still stand on a street corner (or almost anywhere else) and speak his drivel. He won't be dragged off to prison. Which is what the framers of the Constitution intended. The advertisers are pulling away from his massive, corporate radio juggernaut because they believe it's no longer financially smart to be represented on his show.

Norma said...

If this were really the free market at work, I'd have no problem. It's a campaign to ruin a private business for political reasons. And the reason is he's the most effective big gun against the lies and coercion of the left.