Thursday, May 05, 2016

A Democrat friend asked if I would vote for Trump

This is not the friend, but could be.  1957 class picnic
My earliest thought was he was a decoy to get Hillary elected. Then as the populist thing got going, he began to believe he could do it. He would say awful, cruel things, tell lies and people would cheer. He may still be the decoy of your team, and at this point it doesn’t matter. He’s not pro-life, he’s not free trade, he’s not anything conservatives have wanted and complained that Obama wasn’t. He’s big government, a huge (YUGE) statist, just like Hillary and Obama. He just rattles off all the things as president he will do, and with Obama as his example of the terror and power of the executive branch, who’s to say he’s wrong. We’ve been living with it for 7.5 years. Orange is the new black. No, I don’t intend to vote for him, I have no party, but I have a conscience.

You’ve always been straight line loyal to your party even if it was awful. If gay marriage, and the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal didn’t convince you, sharing a bathroom with men won’t bother you. If blowing up the student loan debt doesn’t remind you of 2007, who am I to say, Look out, here it comes again. If the plans to get all those criminals out of prison and back on the streets to undo all the good of the Omnibus Crime Bill of Clinton One, then let the violence soar. If ISIS doesn’t scare you, well, we’re old and have no grandchildren. Not me. I’ve never been a party girl. But now there’s no place to go.

I’ll still vote for best of show in local and state, and that usually is Republican, but not always. Our conservative suburb is becoming more and more Democrat with each election. There were plenty of times I didn’t choose either and left the slot blank. And no, I wasn’t a “Cruzer,” all my choices (Walker and Jindal) left long ago. Loved Fiorina, but she never had a chance, no wealth or power—women have to have coat tails in this country. You remember how they crucified Palin because she was just an ordinary person who chose not to abort. But Cruz is loyal to constitutional principles, which is why he was so hated by Boehner and other Republicans who just wanted to be in DC, go to the parties, fly around the world to meetings and support anything they could throw money at.

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Norma said...

The photo is Nelson Thomas Potter Jr., September 22, 1939-May 12, 2013. We were friends before first grade--don't remember when I didn't know him--our birthdays were 3 days apart. Our parents were in college together. But he was a college professor of philosophy and I have no doubt he was a Democrat.