Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Protections for special groups, but not the majority?

Obama  is offering special protections for the .3% of Americans that are supposedly confused about their gender and he's demanding the rest of us pay for their fantasies of body mutilation.  One has actually sued her employers because they use a pronoun s/he objects to.  Where are the special accommodations for other groups who are bullied, ridiculed, or can't find suitable clothing or furniture? Especially women. 

82% of black women, 77.2% of Hispanic women, and 63.2% of white women have been declared overweight or obese by researchers funded by the government. They endure a lot, including bathroom stalls designed for size 6 women, and airline seats for people no bigger than a size 10. Ridiculous portion sizes. They've been taunted by everyone from classmates to doctors to academics to wait staff, and all the government does is publish more papers on how they need to change their eating habits and life style. I'm not suggesting that you not be allowed to comment on Hillary's weight and pants suits, or Chris Christie's girth, but where is their protection from the size bigots and butt bullies? Where's your compassion, Mr. President?

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