Friday, May 13, 2016

Trump on the #bathroomwars

Trump has come out with the classic conservative line—"It’s up to the states to decide (bathroom policies)." And his followers are saying, "See! See! He really is a conservative." Well, poop on that (pardon the pun). The Republicans used that on women’s rights, minority rights, educational standards, abortion, etc., and the feds ALWAYS won. Civil Rights was the Republican party cause for 100 years, and the Democrats even stole the credit that one! The executive branch has zip nada zilch power to command this under threat of losing school money (which the taxpayers sent to DC). Radicals tried for years to mess up Title VII and Title IX and Congress blocked them, so they just went over their heads to the Executive branch. Although it's possible Title VII got "sex" accidentally in 1964, it has protected women all these years, and the Obama administration threatens to undo that progress of 50 years. 

The LGBT mafia must have something hanging over Obama’s head, because just like the 2012 election, until a few months before the election he was all traditional marriage, yada, yada, now all of a sudden he’s so into the big lie, that there’s no gender at all, just choice. Whatever scandal they know about (and the Clinton campaign in 2008 dug up a lot), at this point it would just be a resume enhancer.

Every religion in the world has core beliefs on this, so it isn’t just Christians, Jews and Muslims. I’ll probably have to break my vow not to vote for Trump because Democrats are paving the highway to hell, and they’ve just about added the last bag of sand and rocks and are poised to dump.

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