Monday, May 09, 2016

Obama's Bathroom Wars

We know the easy, sensible solution for the Obama ‪#‎bathroomwars‬ in which the federal government bullies the states, and it isn't sharing showers and toilet rooms. It's lockable single stall facilities which many facilities like historial and church buildings already have, if an over reaching federal government thinks it's a violation of the Constitution for a man with genital deformities not to shower with women. Yes, that's absurd, but that's what government lawyers are claiming. It's far cheaper than law suits, because we know how the feds play this game--it withdraws all federal support for schools, hurting the children. Now that won't stop the LGBT steamroller, because the goal isn't who uses which toilet, but at least it won't bankrupt the states and children won't be terrorized. No, it isn't about the potential of sexual assault either, as some have been led to believe--a child or woman can just as easily be sexually assaulted by a same sex predator as the opposite sex. It's a lot more common than what is reported.

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