Saturday, May 21, 2016

Set the sex slaves free

 Unless you're Catholic. Unless Catholics are willing to provide contraceptives and abortions, no government funding to free women. It just sounds so right and just when the ACLU explains it in PC language: "routinely denies reproductive health services to its clients because of its religious beliefs that prohibit abortion or emergency contraception." Kill the child, or else lose the money to free the slaves. Social agendas of progressives in government also removed Catholics from child adoption services because the goal of the government isn't doing what's best for children, but a far reaching social goal.

In 1930, Protestant churches began to cave on the contraceptive issue, and it's been down hill for Western society since. Now abortion, harvesting fertilized eggs, embryonic stem cell medical experiments, gay adoptions, easy divorce, law suits against nuns, same sex marriage and intersex bathrooms are all denying freedom of religious teaching.

That said, any church that accepts government funding for a food pantry, a playground for the poor, Section 8 housing, a program for the disabled, an ESL program for Muslims is required to do the government's bidding. President GHW Bush started this slide. It's probably time to cut all those ties (although even the laws will probably prevent that since churches will be forced to comply).

In the 20th century, there were 40 million Christians killed by their governments. Are we honoring their memory?

The assault against Americans' religious freedom continues—on all fronts and this is the best summary I've seen covering the HHS mandate, the public square, academe and public schools. Includes quotes from SCOTUS decisions and founding fathers.

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