Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday thoughts

The reason it's called "Adam's sin" and not Eve's or the Sin of Adam and Eve is because of headship and leadership. IMO. He got the instructions before she was even created, then stood around and watched what happened when Satan showed up.
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Here's how you spell third party. R-O-S-S   P-E-R-O-T. He was so successful he put Bill Clinton in the White House. I think it was 19% of the vote he took from Bush.
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The April 5 JAMA is filled with praise and hymns to Obamacare, noting of course, all the changes and reforms that are needed, assuming those mean old, greedy, haters cooperate. Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, one of the ACA architects, has an article (Rahm's brother). Had you heard there are still 25.3 million eligible "residents" (in other words, he's including non-citizens) without insurance? And of course, it's the fault of those states that wouldn't bankrupt themselves by expanding Medicaid. He flat out lies about the costs going down. Elsewhere in the issue there is a chart that shows the rate of increase in healthcare costs fell more under Bush than Obama, and it has now spiked again. Sloppy editor must have not caught that.
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I'd never heard of Larry Wilmore, the comedian at the White House Correspondents Dinner, who threw around the N word, but they are all liberal and all laughed, even the President. So coarseness certainly was acceptable before The Donald's appearance on the political scene. And fulfilling their role, the media are explaining to all of us in fly over country who would get fired or ostracized for the same speech, that it's really OK.
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I can think of at least three Catholic universities that should stop calling themselves Catholic. We don't call Harvard and Yale Christian colleges any longer; same with Marquette, Notre Dame and Georgetown and probably many others.
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Fox News and the Fox talkers have been 24/7 trumpeting Trump; I had enough and am desperate enough to watch PBS and QVC.
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"Of all the disheartening signs of the utter ignorance of so many American college students, nothing so completely disheartened me as seeing on television a black college student who did not know what the Civil War was about. Fifty years ago, it would have been virtually impossible to find a black adult, with even an elementary school education, who did not know what the Civil War was about." Thomas Sowell, May 3, 2016

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